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What are we about?

Good question. 

We’re a blog that makes the Complicated Simple.

More specifically making the complicated IPTV setup and choices simple for you to make quick, snappy, and safe decisions.

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Paying way too much for a cable subscription and still not getting your favorite channel(s).

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You and your whole family enjoying your favorite channels (both local and foreign) and tv shows without any restrictions and for fraction of the cable subscription fees.

Who are we?

Another Great question.
You’re on fire today. Just kidding. 🙂

Hello, we are IPTV know it all. 2 engineer-best-friends passionate about tech and IPTV sharing their knowledge to help you make better choices.

James Scaggs

Father of 2. Retired engineer turned writer. Trying to make the best use of my time by sharing online for free. I write about tech solutions. And I have two kids, a dog.

George B Paxton

Unofficially official couch potato. Loves writing and making tech simple for the general people. Got a pet fish and a mini-garden in my backyard.

IPTV know it all- is kind of our weekend project. We just get together online and just write for few hours and publish. We really appreciate your coming and reading our blog.

Future of IPTV

There’s a good chance you’re only hearing about IPTV just now. You were looking for alternatives to expensive cable TV or were looking for specific channels and stumbled upon IPTV. Cheap and 1000+ options…who wouldn’t jump on that offer.


Yes…like everything else we need to when the shoe will drop.  

What’s the catch?

Well, in this case, there isn’t any, unless you do business with the wrong type.

IPTV in itself is not illegal. What is illegal is that the service providers using illegal means sell the service you’re enjoying. That’s not on you.

Just watching is good. Sharing without permission is bad.

Most good IPTV service providers protect their clients (you) by encrypting your IP address and information. But the other kinds don’t do this.

What can you do then? Get VPN. Best for protecting your information, not only to use IPTV but also to safe in general internet browsing. Prevention is always best than a cure. (Want to know the best VPN services for IPTV? Click here.)

IPTV is the same technology that we use for our TV, except cable TV is implemented in a privately owned system. In order to use their service, you need their devices and rules. They are restricted to give you much choice when it comes to choosing your own entertainment.

On the other hand with IPTV you can cherry-pick your channels without much restrictions. And it’s likely that we’re going to be using it more in the future. Because it’s gaining quite the popularity. So much so some traditional cable TV services are attaching IPTV on top of their own offerings.

Now, Let’s talk about…

Why is IPTV so popular?

Is IPTV the Future of TV?

Why will IPTV be the future of entertainment in 2021 or 2022?

It’s hard to tell exactly how many people are using IPTV. But it’s on the rise for sure. Due to recent events where we had to make major shifts and had to be home, the demand for flexible and personalized entertainment services has increased by 8%. The number may not be impressive but think in terms of the whole world.

So, it’s clear that people are opting for more “flexible deployment, interactive and interoperable user interface, and highly personalization ability” (taken from Grand View Research Report On IPTV) what IPTV offers. Plus being able to connect to different devices is just icing on the cake. Grand View Research also estimates that the IPTV market’s worth will increase to $117 billion in just 4 years from now.

So much so, we can see how traditional cable TV service providers adding in new features such as company apps, allowing to watch TV from smartphones to compete in the market.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that…

Future of Entertainment in 2021 as well as more years to come.

IPTV is the Future of TV.

Are you tuning into the change?

I’ve been out of my country for so long. Always missed my local channels. Found X and now I enjoy all my local channels like I was at my native home. Can’t recommend it enough.
April M.
I canceled my dish provider and it's so much cheaper.
Jose D.
Hooked-in 2 more TVs in my home. My kids watch Anime and I trading channels all day long. Crisp video quality and fast service for such a low price are incredible.
Martin K.

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